Jordan’s personal trainer Corey Calliet focused on building the actor’s muscles while increasing his work capacity to make him not just look like a championship boxer but also move like one. Various sites say different things but he’s in the ball park of 175-185 pounds. Contents1 Spreadsheet: Michael B. Jordan Workout Program2 Overview: Michael B. Jordan Workout Program2.1 Supersets2.2 Descending Rep Sets3 Body Part Split by Training Day3.1 Related […] Jordan also did squats, but was required to perform them on a balance board, holding the squat position for a period before pressing back up. Michael B. Jordan weight: 175-185 pounds. Jordan incorporated numerous strength training exercises into his workout program. I’m not even going to bother covering any boxing or martial arts training he did, because I know if you’re reading this you don’t care about that. Height: 6’; Weight: 175-185 lbs. Chest: 43”; Waist: 33” Bicep: 15” Michael B Jordan Body. Michael B. Jordan is training for his next role, the Tom Clancy novel adaptation of Without Remorse, which comes out on September 18, 2020. On a tous vu le film » Black Panthers » ou presque, et nous sommes unanimes sur un fait : le corps de fou de Michael B.Jordan Aka Killmonger. Mais abordons le sujet sur un plan sportif et nutritionnel pour que tu puisses comprendre le rythme de vie (digne d’un champion) qu’il s’est imposé pour incarner […] Though, both his weight and body-fat percentage change dramatically depending on the role he is training for. Michael B. Jordan Workout Routine. He used such strength building workouts as biceps curls, deadlifts, good mornings, power cleans, and bench presses. Michael B Jordan is 5 feet and 11 inches tall, weighs around 175 pounds and maintains a low body-fat ratio, according to sources. I honestly can’t confirm his exact height and weight. It utilizes 4 training days per week and can be run indefinitely. This is a workout program attributed to Michael B. Jordan, supposedly used in preparation for his role in Creed. Michael B. Jordan Body Measurements. In the case of Michael B. Jordan, who plays Adonis Creed, son of Rocky Balboa’s chief rival-turned-pal, the task was living up to not only the iconic physique of actor Carl Weathers, who played Apollo Creed in four Rocky films, but also the astronomical expectations of fans hungry for a follow-up to one of the most successful action franchises of all time.

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