Carson Beckett was the Chief Medical Officer of the Atlantis expedition from 2004 to 2007. For all intents and purposes the same individual, Beckett was born with and discovered the ATA gene, then went on to synthesize a therapy to pass it on to others. An exhausted Jennifer gives Rodney permission to name their daughter. Beckett is killed in an explosion in the third-season episode "Sunday", but he returns as a clone in season four and five. is a human clone of the former chief medical officer for the Atlantis Expedition from Earth. During Beckett's capture on the planet M8G-352 in season 3's "Misbegotten", Michael took some of Beckett's DNA to make a clone. The character's appearances were marked by positive reception. Remarkably, this cloning process not only duplicated Beckett's body, but his memories and personality as well. Beckett was originally from Scotland, lived with a family of seven and was very close to his mother. Dr. Carson Beckett, M.D. This clone started out as a version of Beckett from six months prior to Beckett's death and was kept by Michael for nearly two years. Despite being billed as a recurring character at first, he appeared in nearly every episode of the first season before the producers promoted him to a main character for the second and third seasons. Michael forces the clone to work for him in perfecting the Hoffan drug until Sheppard and Lorne rescue the clone in season 4's "The Kindred", a year after the death of the real Beckett. Clone Carson Beckett; Teyla Emmagan; John Sheppard; Post-Canon; Domestic Fluff; Babies; Humor; Family; Family Feels; Summary. Beckett's clone was created by "Michael Kenmore", the Wraith who was the first test subject of Beckett's Wraith-to-Human retrovirus. Cloned Carson.

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