The description below is common to all three models but refers specifically to the Classic, which is the base model. The BMW R1200C is much more capable than most cruisers although the latest water cooled Harley has moved the game on somewhat. By cruiser standards a 17.5 litre fuel tank is large, even though 4.1 litres of this is employed as “reserve”. Like most cruisers, it sells on looks – this one had a part in a Bond movie too. It delivers it in a relaxed, style though with plenty of low down drive. Die-cast aluminium single-sided swinging arm with BMW Motorrad Monolever; central strut, Dual disc brakes, floating brake discs, diameter 3, Single disc floating brake, diameter 285 mm, doubl. The Motronic engine management system has been re-programmed to make significant improvements to the original control concept (MA 2.4) so that it now optimises torque at low engine speeds. KInd of a 'quirky' bike with a lotta 'non-standard' features, like an airbox 'ya gotta remove the seat sub-frame to really get at. Power is pretty modest considering the 1200cc engine but it’s enough. BMW were well wide of the mark with this. Twin, 305 mm (12 inch) discs are fitted to the front wheel and a single 288 mm (11.22 inch) disc is at the rear. The 1170cc, boxer engine is designed to produce more torque at low speed rather than maximum power. Stop cruisingAlthough dynamic riding characteristics are not essential to a cruiser, optimum brake response and stopping power is vital. The differences are listed as an addendum at the end of this media release. And that's how the R1200C came to my home. BMW dealers are excellent though and most problems get sorted. (Our first ride on BMW then-radical R1200 Cruiser, from the October 1997 issue of Motorcycle Cruiser) February 24, 2009. New prices of the BMW R1200C varied from £8500 to £10,500 depending on year and spec – the CL model was always nearer £11k. The complete configuration ensures almost perfect balance, more ease of control and safety. Otherwise typical BMW reliability, but overall not as nimble feeling as I'd hoped, so not my cuppa and will probably eventually sell it, as they're slowly becoming collector's items. If you judge a bike by its capability you will probably buy something else, but if you judge a bike by how it makes you FEEL? The power unit is so independent of high engine speeds that a revs counter is not necessary. Best on long trips. The spinning propeller company blazed its own trail in making the C unique among other cruiser clones. The BMW R1200C's engine is not to be confused with more recent 1200cc boxer flat twins seen in 2004 onwards BMWs. BMW Motorrad Telelever; stanchion diameter 35 mm, central strut. Brembo four-piston fixed calipers operate the front brake while twin-piston floating calipers activate the rear. Read what they have to say and what they like and dislike about the bike below. Within two years of its launch, the BMW R1200 C had been voted “Motorcycle of the Year”, or “Cruiser of the Year” in many countries. The BMW R1200C doesn't have much as standard – some models didn’t even have a pillion seat. From a no-nonsense time when bikes were made to be cool and last. It's VERY comfortable, and just fast enough for me to enjoy scenery. The Boxer is definitely different that the K! Cruising has never been as easy. BMW had taken an alternative motorcycling concept and refined it. Gearbox is pretty clunky like all BMW boxers. The saddle-shaped seat provides just enough support at the base of the spine to relieve weight on the lower back and the pillion seat also converts to a rider backrest when travelling solo. Buying experience: Advertised at $4,000.00 from private party. 845898), BMW R1200C motorcycle review - Instruments, BMW R1200C motorcycle review - Suspension. I am 60+ years old, and arthritis forced me to get a bike that would put my wrists into more comfortable position. The R1200 C was unmistakably BMW and it showed in every original line and high quality component. It handles ok, looks alright-ish and the engine is typical Boxer. Yamaha Announces 2021 Cruiser and Standard Models. Lots of low down torque and plenty of grunts... Top speed reasonable but that's missing the point. Find a BMW R1200C for sale. BMW motorcycles hold the road and maintain a line over bad surfaces better than other contemporary machines. The Independent model is equipped with BMW’s superior cast wheels. I came off a K1200RS which I loved. For example, the riding position is (for many) the most ergonomic of any cruiser. This is a low-tech lump producing just 61bhp – more isn’t really needed. When it comes to cruisers, BMW should really stay clear of that section, although having said that the Classic isn't that bad. Reliability issues almost non-existant. This thing is 20 years old, and looks, drives, and behaves, like it came out of the factory yesterday. Because of the seat design and position, the rider now sits lower (740 mm or 29.1 inches) and even further towards the rear of the machine. I paid $4500. Coming from a long line of BMW airhead and oilhead RT's, their popular sport-touring model, was looking for a second bike and this extremely low miles R1200C came along at an out-of-state dealer, that was too good to pass up, even including the shipping. This means that the maximum possible is produced. The R1200 C’s copious torque is fed to the rear wheel through a five-speed gearbox, with dedicated ratios, and BMW’s proven drive shaft – now situated in the hollow swinging arm (of the Monolever). Chromium-plated powerA specially tuned and chrome-finished version of BMW’s modern, but timeless, four-valve horizontal twin not only smashed tradition, it proved that a cruiser didn’t have to conform to old-fashioned concepts. In addition, less gear changing is required. Compare and buy parts for the BMW R1200C in the MCN Shop. It looks GREAT, and it makes me feel "special". Paid $3,800.00 (front wheel chock, and new helmet included). Get a BMW R1200C and get the Bond out! Other than the odd tyre, it costs little to maintain, Buying experience: Private. It is a quality that is accepted and expected by BMW users and a tradition that continues with the R1200 C. Contributing factors that continue to maintain BMW’s reputation for excellent road-holding and handling include the famous Telelever front suspension and Paralever-enhanced swinging arm which is mounted on the frame instead of the gearbox. The bike was as spectacular as the action. The R1200C's story is the same as so many BMWs – better than most motorcycles but still not perfect. VAT no 918 5617 01 The ultimate accolade came when the makers of the James Bond movie series – renowned for their love of high-tech, modern products and innovative design – selected the bike for 007 to ride in the film, Tomorrow Never Dies. There is NO corrosion anywhere. But BMW notes that the age of cruiser customers is moving upward, and 64% of them like to ride with a passenger. On two of the R1200 C models (Classic and Avantgarde) high-gloss chrome, cross-spoke wheels are a fitted as standard. But Q did some work on his. The 1200C’s less bounce than many custom style bikes and has better ground clearance too. Dynamically it’s better than many cruisers thanks to quality engineering and light(ish) weight. Registered Office: Media House, Peterborough Business Park, Lynch Wood, Peterborough, PE2 6EA H Bauer Publishing, BMW has not re-invented the wheel, but the model used on the two cruisers is a particularly stable structure where a self-contained rim base allows the fitting of tubeless tyres. Sex appeal not enough! Top end power not impressive. If you really want a BMW cruiser, try the Montauk. Compare and buy parts for the BMW R1200C in the MCN Shop. We say: James Bond had some cool cars, but an unusual choice when it came to bikes. Also, the wife was terrified to be on K1200RS with me. The R1200 C has a much longer swinging arm, called the Monolever, than other modern BMWs. But for the money, the Montauk is a better buy. Comfy on the straightaways, though with a longer wheelbase, feels a bit heavy pushing around, despite weighing nearly 100 lbs less than the RT. More . It adds an even more modern touch and emphasises the high-tech aura of the R1200 C cruiser range. Mine had 40.000 miles and I had to spend a bit... nothing too bad but they are a classic so expect to spend. And it has more noticeable torque around town, but not that much more, and with 30 ponies less than my RT, passing power is 'adequate' but not quite as 'authoritative'. The R1200 C is therefore equipped with a large and powerful three-disc braking system. You CAN dance to it, but is it rock n' roll? It features not only two universal joints, but also a torsion damper. Cruiser comfortsThe way a machine copes with bad surfaces is obviously a major factor in motorcycle comfort, but the R1200 C’s other rider components also contribute to making it one of the most rideable and comfortable cruisers available. Motorcycles. windscreen takes adjustments at operator's discretion. A range of anything up to 200 miles is possible depending on riding style. BMW 2003 Press Kit: When the R1200C cruiser was introduced in 1997 it flouted convention. Because of its length, the Monolever does an efficient job of damping torque reaction from the drive shaft equally as well as the Paralever (which is a more complex double-joint swinging arm). On this bike, five quarts of oil, and K&N oil filter, is all the maintenance I will be doing this season. Its typical owner was 46-years-old with an average income of $100,000. $5000. BMW 2003 Press Kit: When the R1200C cruiser was introduced in 1997 it flouted convention. The single-plate dry clutch is hydraulically operated. The pipe sound is not outstanding enough. Bauer Media Group consists of: Bauer Consumer Media Ltd, Company number: 01176085, Bauer Radio Ltd, Company Number: 1394141 The BMW R1200C's engine is not to be confused with more recent 1200cc boxer flat twins seen in 2004 onwards BMWs. Excellent brakes. BMW R1200C Motorcycle: Boxer Rebellion. H Bauer Publishing are authorised and regulated for credit broking by the FCA (Ref No. Note: there are three variants of the R1200 C – the £8,695 Classic, the £8,795 Avantgarde and the £8,995 Independent. Motorcycles Motorcycle Index Gallery Index Classic Memories Road Tests Roadtests BMW R1200C Test Sport-tourer comparison Blackbird K1200RS Hayabusa BMW R1200C cruiser Cagiva Gran Canyon 900 from AMCN Honda CBR250RR Honda CBR900RR Honda Hornet Kawasaki W650 Kawasaki ZX-12R Moto Guzzi Centauro Suzuki Marauder 250 Triumph Sprint RS Triumph TT600 Yamaha Zeal 250 This thing will be stored inside my house (in the "man cave"), and since I don't waste time on social media, I'll be listening to some classic Rock, and wrenching on the bike all winter long. The engine is great. Dynamically speaking it is not the best bike in the world. When it comes to cruisers, BMW should really stay clear of that section, although having said that the Classic isn't that bad. R1200 C. Back in the mid 1990s, BMW’s Boxer range was well down on power. All registered in England and Wales. This translates as superlative throttle control and excellent response when negotiating city traffic. Used prices are slowly dropping – there’s no such thing as a nice, cheap example but depreciation remains low so you shouldn’t lose much when you sell the motorcycle on. Road-holding means holding the roadFor a cruiser, road-holding has always been more important than handling. Steering is slow but stable. But for the money, the Montauk is a better buy. Latest. The sophisticated, high-tech machine owed little to anything that had preceded it – there was nothing pseudo-American about its design or inspiration. 1997: Original BMW R1200C launched.1998: Available now without ABS. The R1200C, as BMW notes, wasn’t a copy of any other cruiser. The CL variant is a full-dress touring version with a massive fairing with twin headlights, a huge stepped seat and hard luggage. Cruising had entered a new era. It handles ok, looks alright-ish and the engine is typical Boxer. I service all my vehicles by myself, and I run Castrol Platinum Edge Synthetic in all of them. Gear shifter, and rear brake levers have peeling chrome (to be re-chromed in short order). The 1200 C puts out just 61bhp – from an air-cooled 1,170cc – despite fuel injection and four-valve heads (this same engine capacity, bore and stroke would actually feature in the 2004 R1200 GS, but … Company Number: LP003328 Registered Office: Academic House, 24-28 Oval Road, London, NW1 7DT. This is a low-tech lump producing just 61bhp – more isn’t really needed. The amount of high-gloss chrome varies depending on the model, but BMW also makes use of graphitane, an all-new colour that combines the qualities of graphite and magnesium. BMW owners have always expected to be able to travel long distances before refuelling and the R1200 C won’t disappoint them. Despite what you see in the movies, this bike can't wheelie, jump buildings or evade a helicopter. Lots of pep on the low end makes it fun to ride. All three models of the R1200 C are equipped with a closed-loop, three-way catalytic converter. 2002 BMW R1200C Phoenix in Yellow/Black 2002 BMW R1200C Phoenix in Yellow/Black The 2002 MY BMW R 1200 C has, at its heart, a four-stroke, air/oil-cooled, 1170cc, boxer twin cylinder powerplant paired to a five-speed manual transmission and can … Sharp cornering is out of the question, but it handles the road beautifully. Extra wide front end and wheels from the R1200CL, braided brake hoses, additional vertically stacked headlight.BMW R1200CL: Full dress touring model based on the R1200C. Because of its low centre of gravity, lengthened wheelbase (1,650mm) and the above suspension qualities, BMW’s radical cruiser has pushed road-holding standards, arguably, even higher. Engine capacity is still too small to qualify as a real road cruiser. The footrests have been shifted forward and help to create a seating position between the two wheels that will make long distance travel a pleasure and not a chore. It's also unlikely to help you pull. The R1200 C may be a departure from cruiser convention but its uniqueness cannot hide the reality that, in all its incarnations, it is one of the best-looking and safest motorcycles on the road. Some early bikes had patchy finish – chrome, especially on spoked wheels proved to be of variable quality. I can ride this thing all day. BMW’s third generation, anti-lock braking system is available as an option.Little things mean a lotFor those who like to share their cruiser experiences with a companion, owners have the choice of small or large passenger seat – luxurious, of course – and footrests. BMW R1200C Classic: Rebadged R1200C sold from 2003.BMW R1200C Avantgarde: Less chrome, medium height bars, ABS a cost option.BMW R1200C Independent: Single seat, new aluminium wheels, windshield, foglamps, white indicator lenses, BMW rondel on alternator cover.BMW R1200C Montauk: Overall ‘beefier’ design. Wheels are always crucial to the character of a motorcycle, particularly a cruiser. 7 owners have reviewed their BMW R1200C (1997 - 2005) and rated it in a number of areas. It surprised me how mellow it is, and how it pulls in high gear without downshifting. The BMW R1200C is a Harley-Davidson rival with German engineering. But plenty of accessories are available, BMW and unofficial. When the snow starts to fly, I will tear this thing apart (except engine), and service EVERYTHING. This machine turns heads! This is a proper BMW. Break three hourly mostly. Finished expansively in high quality chrome, the big twin delivers 61 bhp at 5,000 rpm, but equally important is that it produces 70 lb ft of torque (98 Nm) at 3,000 rpm. And all that for less than 4K!! On the open road, the low-stressed, low-revving engine gives the impression that it is unbreakable.

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