It can include a timeline, gallery and about section as well as invitation components should there be a celebration. In fact any non-profit could benefit from this free layout pack when considering a website. What about a business offering hot air balloon rides or microlight aircraft flights, a hiking company or other experienced focused business. If you are looking to build a professional website for your accounting firm website, this homepage will help you start with a bang. Cloud-based Template Library gives you access to 200+ reusable Divi layouts for your websites. Discover new Divi layouts. This colourful page layout pack will appeal to video game players. A link to services and a gallery is rounded off with a CTA using an enquiry form. In this article, we’ll look at 12 awesome Divi blog layouts to help with your next Divi … Check the free divi page layout pack here. Images and animations have been created to mimic water and bubbles. Looking for a job or new consulting gig this CV website could be the answer. A very extensive services section is supplied for you to fill in and add your relevant content in. This images are mouth wateringly good. This divi page layout pack will definitely be an easy and quick solution for a mechanic workshop business or in fact any business offering some form of mechanical or electronic repair service. Arranged in square boxes in two columns, this Divi blog layout gives your blog a unique touch by adding a distinct background image to each blog post. This layout pack comes with all the pages you need. A happy client section is there for you to add in your success stories. Take it for a spin from your Divi theme library and use the Divi builder to get it perfect for your new website in no time. It’s designed using the memphis web design craze currently very popular with web designers all over the world. Effective use of an image for the background with CTA button, A three field form with a text block to the left with a Call to Action button to click for more info, Dual sided form with name and email address fields on the right and larger space for the message to the left. Our Catalog lists all the best free and premium products from every seller in the global Divi community. The layout pack comes with a groovy about us page. A rental vehicle section with easy to update text and a call to action reserve now Divi button. The designers at Elegant Themes utilised large fonts and a striking background color to grab the attention of the visitors. Time is money after all. This Divi Theme Page Layout Pack can also be used for a Painting company, a Decorating or Interior Design consultancy. Its comes packed full of features and is ready for you can edit and use to create a stunning website in no time. With the fitness industry going through major changes due to the Coronavirus pandemic many fitness coaches will find themselves without work. Just change images and font and it will work well. Whether the business specialises in heating, or air conditioning installations, offers plumbing or electrical installations this pack can be adapted to all.The pack comes with a landing page and a homepage. Any event that requires flowers, food, beverages, music and a venue and more can benefit from a planner. Shop for Divi Layouts today! These layouts can also be used for a personal coach, yoga instructor, health gym coach and more. Green and orange colours are used. After all it is free from Elegant Themes. Fun mouse over animation effect, a simple but effective CTA that asks a question to get interest and a click a button call to action to get more info from the user, a more direct CTA with background colour, space for a brief message and a CTA button, A thinner Call to Action block to spread across the page. In this article, we’ll look at 10 Divi layouts for resume websites. May also be used for a mushroom or herb farm or flower specialists. These are long form pages and in particular the landing page lends itself to a sales promotion and/or capture leads campaign. Review details. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning are important components to any building as the climate becomes more irregular. We love the orange colour that pops on the page. A Divi Layout is a page layout that has been both designed and built to work with the Divi Theme and is ready to be used in a website. Free training video included with support. Bold headers, and creative glow effects stand out form the normal dull web designs out there. There is enough content areas available for you to use to talk to your customers. Lovely soft colours distinguishes this free divi theme layout pack by Elegant Themes that web designers can repurpose for their client’s laundry or cleaning business. A bold yellow section is available for your about text. The homepage and landing page have some good usability features. This particular free Divi Module consists of: Pricing tables are great for small business websites. A slider is included to show of your custom services. Although this particular Free Divi Layout has the look of an upmarket hotel it can be adapted for use with most types of accommodation businesses whether a room for rent or a boutique bed and breakfast. Check the relevant titles as well. There is space for a message from your principal. This is a nice layout and the team at Elegant Themes has provided clever titles to help with population the page with content. These are just some points to note when using a divi theme or any other page builder to compile the layout of a homepage. This is the general trend nowadays as businesses try and avoid having to write copy for their websites. This tells them whether they are in the right place. Thank you for your support. Whether you offer a custom made, or bespoke as the English would call it, tailored suit or just an alteration and mending service for clothing, this layout could be just right for your client.The Divi landing page template is useful for a sales or marketing drive. In this instance it’s a risk manager. Having said that, use these pages to promote your eBooks, online courses, possibly even online cooking demos, make-up classes and more. Services blurbs are available on the landing page. Have a look yourself to see if you can use this free Divi page layout pack. In addition, and something some users tend not to notice, the layout has a well thought out user experience navigation set up. The reason for this was to show how modules from the Unicorn Bundle could be used in a new way and to be made to look quite different to what they started out looking like. ... Divi is a wonderful theme – and these are all great blog layouts – but Divi’s blog layout options are just too limiting for authors or publishers. Fun colours, good navigation and royalty free images for a donut business. Dentist details are shown below the header is a creative rounded shape. The layouts are in no particular order. For web designers who use the Divi Theme this Divi Therapist Layout Pack might appeal. The call to action module is placed in the perfect spot on the page, following the blurbs indicating the services. Good CTA’s, calls to actions, are included in the design. Besides a well thought out homepage the inner pages consist of two different layouts for services, an about and contact page layout and a blog. `Might also be useful for a family or personal coach. This free Divi Theme layout pack come with a landing page, home page, about page with a story section, a blog page for all your news and of course a contact page. Provides the visitor an immediate confirmation whether they have landed on the correct site or should move on. A useful and practical content structure makes this an easy to navigate website. And to don’t forget to add your sponsors logos to the page. The about and contact pages are standard layouts as are used in most websites and a blog is handy to have to discuss and showcase projects and case studies. The inner pages are the usual About, Service landing page template, a Service detail divi page layout, a blog and a contact page. All of these layouts are important for a politician’s website. Selling on the internet is a way to connect with new customers. Strong call to actions to convert website visitors. Nowadays website developers use images and illustrations. Accountants, insurance brokers, actuaries, book-keepers and attorneys can all benefit from making use of this free page layout pack. The pack comes with a well thought out landing page, a homepage, about, two services pages, a FAQ page and a blog. But as always it could really work for any home maintenance business. This pack has everything you need to showcase your software and the pack has a documentation page that can use. Testimonials and FAQ’s are also included in a stylish off center grid. This website has affiliate links. Unique photos have been taken. There is a selection of images and icon illustrations that will be useful. This eSports layout pack will most certainly appeal. For use with the Divi Theme. As always this pack may be adapted to other businesses in the food industry such as herbalists or vegan specialists. Beautiful images, as usual copyright free, add an elegance to the layouts and reflect the luxury business that is being showcased. News about the school are on the landing page using the Divi Theme blog module. Good user experience elements combined with good illustrations and a well thought out page selection make this free Divi Page layout pack worth getting.As part of this pack there is a landing page. The pages have been specially designed for personal trainers wishing to promote their services and business. It is a powerful layout for any daycare company. As per usual, this layout pack would also work for other related businesses. There are some useful heading ideas and the navigation works well. Most charities don’t have budget so this layout pack is perfect for this specific niche. There is the usual about and contact page as well as a service landing page and service detail page layout. Added to this are two services pages, one for the sign up to membership, as well as a blog. Of course this free divi layout lends itself to any creative field. Use this layout pack for businesses that serve up corporate events, conferences, sports events or even large funerals. Of course, there are lots of blog layouts to get you started. The homepage and inner pages have some useful copyright free images and icons and a good use of colours. Typography, icons, images…everything looks so nice together on this homepage. Overall an interesting topic which not many web designers will have an opportunity to use. Of course the store still needs WooCommerce or similar to make it work, but the product landing page is good otherwise. This is a bright free layout pack designed for an electrician. This layout pack uses red to reflect energy and inspire movement. The layout has a: Predesigned and prebuilt homepage layout for a Health Spa Business for web designers using the Divi Theme. All you need to assemble a website quickly and easily to serve the industry of cyber security. Interesting choice of green as the main colour. Seriously cool testimonial section will surely excite you potential customers. A price page is included and ready for you to add your price list on. The homepage has a pleasant layout and easily encourages visitors to move on to check inner pages such as About, Services and Contact pages. The talented web designers who work on the Divi theme have created this groovy page layout pack for you. This professional business Divi Theme Layout Pack may be used for a range of professional businesses not just the legal services. The pack consists of seven layouts which include a home and landing page, two different services layouts a resource page as well as contact and about layout templates. Nobody ever has sufficient business. A easy to use form is in the header to capture those all import website leads. Of course one would imagine that a web designer might want to showcase their design and build skills by creating their own website. For small business owners that offer a service in maintenance and installation of plumbing set-ups this free Plumber Divi Layout template pack is the answer. This pack comes with icons and images. The Divi Header is followed by blurbs with nicely designed icons. This Divi Layout Pack by Elegant Themes includes eight page layout templates. The homepage has a lovely flow to it. What could those be? This layout has the following modules: The homepage for a Web Design Agency has an emphasis on portfolio work. In this instance you could use this Freelance site for any of the creative industries such as graphic design or for an illustrator. This layout pack comes with an eye catching Hero image section with a strong call-to-action. The layout is fresh with lovely paint texture background images throughout, demos of paint techniques and other special effects. There are the standard about and contact layout templates. Among the seven different page layouts within this pack, there is a services page and a shop page which is well laid out to promote products and special deals. It is so well designed you could use it for any industry. Testimonials are important on any website and this layout comes with very simple but well placed blurb boxes with a subtle drop shadow. The pack includes a landing page, homepage, the normal about and contact as well as services landing and services detail pages. The Divi layout consists of: Like to share a dinner party, cook for a small group and share the recipes, try out new ones and showcase them to your community? The space is designed for a title and short description. four block pricing table. It’s a  intuitive layout and is easy to use. We know you will love this Divi Theme layout pack. It’s so easy it’s scary. This pack has a good selection of free images which designers can make use of as well as enticing calls to action. This bonus page should not be underestimated. Compact layout with inviting and professional style. This Divi Theme freebies uses a green and black colour pallet. Sparkle with this free easy to use Divi theme layout pack. As with all of Elegant Themes’ free layout packs the images are copyright free to use as well. Although it is specifically designed for a Notary Public professional it can easily be adapted to serve any other professional such as an accountant, actuary, medical doctor and more. As always this page layout may also be adapted to other services. The free page layout is for a homepage for an insurance broker business or any other financial services specialist. Overall a nice little site that will be quick to build and look lovely. It’s probably not one that can be adapted to too many other businesses but that is not a serious problem. Of course wedding planners are not the only event planners. The inner pages consist of two services page layouts, the usual about and contact pages as well as a blog. Mostly done for the designer here. Don’t look at this beautiful layout pack if your hungry. Add your own styling and photos, move or edit modules, expand or reduce the layout, etc. This layout has: This is an easy to use and adapt homepage layout for a Law Firm. The weekly free Divi Layout packs offered by Elegant Themes are a particular useful service for new web designers. Truly ready to use without having to do too much work. This layout page has eight different page designs. The pricing page is just perfect with a Divi pricing module and Divi blurbs showing off classes and programs. Smaller businesses tend to not have the resources to offer services or products in this field as the equipment is so expensive. There are some nice illustrations which make a change from the usual image heavy layouts so common nowadays. Open now. Effective use of fabulous food images gives this catering divi layout a wonderfully inviting feel. This is not your average business website. Use this Therapist Layout Pack for any therapist or health service which might include a hypnotherapist or behavioral therapist. The contact us page has three Divi blurb modules with icons included. The designers at Elegant Themes have put together a very useful freebie. A blog page has been set up using the Divi Theme blog module. Just download a similar layout pack and use that contact page. This is a slightly different type of Divi Page Layout Pack. It’s all about personal referrals in this particular profession. This layout pack uses most of the Divi Theme modules. The Portfolio and project pages will also help to show the freelancer’s capabilities.As for most websites there is a Blog. Let’s start with this beautiful and elegant layout for authors. Included in this Free Divi Layout Pack is a Landing page for sales and marketing purposes, a homepage, services, gallery, about and contact page template as well as a blog. Great use of blue and green colours give this pack a professional feel. But if you are looking for a high-powered position this could be perfect. The layout pack for use with the Divi Theme comes with 7 page layout templates. Overall a fun and stylish design look. A call to action box is pre-made for you with a form in it to attract those vital inquiries. Copy tends to have a diminished role due to most business owners not wanting to spend the time or make the effort to write a little more than just a few words. A custom bouquets section has been so your online customers can quickly get in touch with you. This is one of the best designed free Divi layout pack available today. Use this very professional design to give your business a brand new website. In fact it would suit any individual who offers a service on their own. do you run out of ideas and love to get inspiration to make your work easier? This is therefore an extra bonus. The colour is a dark green with a light green highlight. These Divi page layout templates cover many different aspects of the business associated. A Divi page layout pack that serves the medical professions. This pack has everything you need to set up an online spa business, including unique layouts for showcasing services, listing price packages, booking appointments, and a blog. But added to this are a call to action page to encourage volunteers, an information page which can serve as a resources page as well as a donate now page. Free Divi homepage layout for an insurance broker website. Cool circle person module design is there to show of your team. Here are Top 10 Best Divi Blog Layouts 1. The about page has a showreel section for you to add your video. Show off your art in the gallery page. All the modules, rows and sections are easy to use. Icons and images are copyright free. These modules have the following features: These three Divi Contact Layouts are also part of the Elf Bundle. However, as with most ideas, this one can be reworked allowing for more uses. The blog page uses a Divi optin module to help you grow your email list. For cake bakers there are some useful images that may be used for free. Nice selection of colours make this look and feel quite professional. The visual builder allows you to edit real time and see the changes on your screen while you make them live. Four intro Divi Theme blurbs are up next to display your unique selling offer. This particular Free Divi Page Layout for a homepage has been designed to be used for a creative agency whether graphic or web design, photographer or interior designer to mention but a few. A bold bright red call to action is added in the header. The about and contact page are useful while the shop page will obviously need additional plugins to work. The colour scheme is red and black. First of all you need to tell your visitor what you do. In the beauty industry visuals are everything. There are lots of pre-made Divi layouts for resume websites available to give you a head start on your next project. This is a great way to build your new website. It’s an ecommerce website that will allow you to easily set up an online webshop. The next step is to provide more detail as to what the services entail and then a focus on why this coach is qualified to do this with a good bio. Easily change colours, images and text to customise. A strong hero section shows off numbers and has a space for a promo video. A green energy free layout pack is quite unusual. The Divi theme is a theme developed by Elegant Themes that is proving to be immensely popular due to its great design and extensive range of features which includes the easy to use Divi page builder tool. Professional and modern free Divi layout pack for your company business website. This page layout contains: A ready to use homepage layout, or even one page website, for an SEO specialist. The layout consists of: The one thing the 21st century has brought with it is the need for constant updating of skills. The Divi Accordion Module is a handy tool to display content which can be opened and closed with an accordion effect. This creative website layout pack come with bold big typography. Not a subject one would imagine to be too popular in the web design industry. The Divi theme design team created many modern illustrations to give this layout a friendly and caring look. Contained in this Divi Page Layout is a: Tax Consultant or Accountant homepage layout pre-made and ready for use on a website. A module for a brief bio follows in particularly useful to show that the business has credibility. This great looking Divi Page Layout has the following: The Divi theme designers created this full free Divi Theme layout pack for App Developer companies. The dramatic colours of the Divi Homepage pick up on the industry trend. For a personal stylist a testimonial is vitally important. Material Cards layout adds Material Design principles to your Divi website columns or modules. The options are endless. Also useful are the free to use illustrations and icons. And if your business is very busy then you have the opportunity to increase your fees. This Divi Theme page layout pack by Elegant Themes is for a pharmacy website. As usual this layout may also be adapted to other medical doctor practices such as dermatologists, dentists or a General Practitioner. It could not be easier to get your new website build without needing to know how to code! A Page Layout also known as a page template, refers to the arrangement of visual elements on a page. It does mean that the site might need the WooCommerce plugin. Easy to compile and quick to update use this pack to create a fitness coach website in no time at all. Try a Divi Layout, Stunning Free Agency Homepage Divi Layout, There Are Good Reasons To Try Using Free Divi Layouts, Free Divi Layout Pack for Handyman Websites, Free Divi Theme Layout Pack for Real Estate Websites, Divi Header Module for an image of the company with message, Block for message such as a Call To Action, Left of page photo and space for copy to describe the business owner, Across the page image to visually break up page, Divi Blurbs Module to show service or products, Snippets of Blog posts for news about what the team or company, Divi Footer Module showing links to other pages, Divi Header Module for eye catching image with tagline, block for statement what the business is about, rows of 3x Divi Blurbs Module for services, Divi blurbs Module to list service offering, Divi Gallery Module for sample meals/products, Divi Testimonial Module and Divi Contact Form Module, A Divi Header Module for image with text block, Text block for a short business description, Divi Blurbs Module 3 up to describe services, Divi Call to Action Module for two different services, Divi Blurbs Module; three mouse over animated blocks for services, Divi Content Module: A block for copy to present the school/service, Divi Call to Action Module using an image with further CTA to book lesson or contact, Second Divi Blurbs Module with hover animation, Divi Header Module 2 of 9 in the Unicorn Bundle, Divi Content Page Layout: number 14 of 14, Testimonials chosen was number 4 out of 7, Divi Person Module used of the Unicorn Bundle is no. This time there is no blog but that should not be difficult to add if required. The images will obviously be placeholders. $ 9.00; Divi Monk. The photos included with these layouts have no licensing restrictions. Use this page for sales and promotions, awareness campaigns and news flashes as well as collecting of leads and mailing list participants. The Divi number module has been designed to show off your charity states. The homepage and landing page have large images and very small text blocks. Especially as it’s free! It uses blue as the main colour and the free Divi pack comes with  100% free images and icons. This layout has an orange colour pallete and it works perfectly as an accent colour. Pale blue and peach are the neutral colours used for this free Divi Layout Pack. This law firm pack has striking images on its Landing Page. Over and above this the blog is there for long form content to support SEO efforts. Its a cut above the rest with professionally taken photos. This can Divi Layout Pack be adapted to suit Insurance Brokers or Bitcoun Broker amongst many wealth consultants. Probably would need to change the colours for veterinary practices in the countryside. This freebie is part of the Elf Bundle. No problem. Copyright free images, icons and illustrations add value to this pack. As much as the images and colours are specifically chosen for a wedding planner, they can easily be replaced with industry specific images if you as web designer have a client with a business in the corporate event management industry. And in fact any type of business that offers online courses then this layout pack is a good choice. Our services make great use of the Divi Theme blurbs. Your portfolio website describes what you do, and having an attractive layout on the site serves as a valuable selling point for your brand. The module can be used anywhere. Well thought out titles and nav options. BEST FREE DIVI PORTFOLIO LAYOUTS. Grow your email list with the Divi optin module. Not forgetting a form with a Call to Action. This layout has the following elements: This stylish Divi Person Module has a clean and fresh look. This Divi Page Layout has a: This is a ready made homepage layout for a photographer professional. Every attention to detail has been taken to create a professional looking website. Up and coming events section is ready for you to use. This pack comes with the following page layout templates: Landing page, homepage, about, contact and services pages as well as a blog. Prices are displayed with an off center stlye box. Developing a smooth path on a web page is really important. Check the collection of 30 Best Divi Layouts to see which ones you might like to get. This Divi Theme Layout Pack for a Paralegal business has all the right modules. As per usual this Divi Pharmacy Layout Pack can also be adapted to service a business selling homeopathic medicines or health foods such as vitamins and supplements. Of course you would need to check the images on the shop page. Besides the landing page, there is a homepage, about, a blog, contact and services page as well as a testimonial page. This page template pack is ideal for a business that does installations in buildings to control the internal environment. Blurbs are available to use for extra info. Lovely Divi layout pack for a Mortgage Broker. Single practitioners and consultants as well as small businesses can offer green solutions such as solar panel installations for homes, HVAC systems that save money on electricity, heating and water consumption, home insulation to save on heating and air conditioning requirements and so on. Copyright free images and icons are also available. This could be natural oils used for candle making and perfumes, yoga or meditation practices or tapping practitioners or hypnotherapists to mention but a few. Nice use of graphics and copyright free images with a pleasing colour palette will make this an easy project to complete. There are seven layouts which includes a landing and home page. This free layout pack can easily be adapted to a coaching expert. Simple load this template from your library and start to customise it using the Divi Theme builder. Very nice fade in animations as well which always make a page a little more interesting. There are pages for featuring all of your program offers, curriculum, pricing, application forms, and much more. Some of the placeholder images are food related and hardly appropriate for a technology layout and the tech photos are not particularly good. Divi blurbs have been used to show off your services. This homepage layout consists of a: This Travel Free Divi Layout is fully sales focused. It has a perfect combination of images and illustrations sure to blight your website users. Its come with a strong header with two call to action buttons. The Divi layout pack includes the following pages. Of course, as always this layout can be adapted to a range of businesses. Rewrite the copy, add own images and a portfolio. Of course the same layout and navigation elements can be used for any sports club. Hats of to the blogger who customized their’s blog in such awesome design. This website is run by a third party. A homepage and landing page, about and contact page, a useful music and events page as well as a services page template.For the DJ business there are some useful images available to use for free. It’s easy to download or install. Added to this are a services landing as well as a services detail page and a well laid out pricing page template. Divi is a registered trademark of Elegant Themes, Inc. About, contact and blog pages are included in this easy to use pack. As much as Calligraphy is not a common requirement this layout pack can be adapted to sign writing, neon sign stores, furniture and wall hand painting techniques or any other form of hand, computer or machine made signage and decoration. It’s a multi purpose pack that can be used for a wedding or engagement website and of course could be easily adapted to wedding anniversaries, a bar and/or bat mitzvah, a quinceañera or birthday celebration amongst many special milestones.

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